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by Seán Radley



From the wonderfully talented writer, Mary Gaffney, Killarney Road, Millstreet a further very interesting article:


“Recently the powerful film, Dead Poets Society, was shown again on television.  It tells the story of a group of boys attending Welton Academy, a private school in Vermont, USA, whose lives are changed by the arrival of a new English teacher, played by Robin Williams, who challenges them to make their lives extraordinary.


Inspired by their new teacher they resurrect the Dead Poets' Society and discover, not only the works of Byron, Shelley and Keats, but the beauty of language and the importance of making every moment count.  It is a secret club which frees them from the constraints and expectations of school and parents.  But the members of the Dead Poets Society soon  realise their newfound freedom can have tragic consequences and that pressure from authorities could destroy their dreams and their individuality.


As distant as the film may seem from Ireland it unbelievably has connections with County Sligo.  In the opening scene a bagpiper leads a procession of students and teachers down a long slate hallway to the chapel where the Headmaster and an audience of parents are gathered.


Auditioning for the role of the bagpiper was a young Irish American, Johnny Bradley, whose father, Robert, is a native of Cloonacool, Co. Sligo.  Johnny had played the bagpipes from a very young age and now, aged 16, was successful in the audition.  But there was more good news for Johnny.  After securing the part of bagpiper, which would only occupy one scene, Johnny was offered a part as one of the students which meant he was in the film for its entirety.  Because of his age his mother, Peggy, accompanied him on location for the duration of the film.


For his role Johnny was dressed in an authentic kilt as befitting a bagpiper and here the film company, Touchstone Pictures, in association with Silver Screen Partners 1V, ran into difficulty.  They could not find the proper socks to go with the kilt.


But help was at hand.  Robert, Johnny's father, phoned his sister Joan (Mrs. John Haran)  at her home  in Wellmount, Cloonacool, Co. Sligo, and explained the situation.  Joan came to the rescue and not only knitted one pair of socks but several which she sent  off to the film company.


Now when I see the film and watch Johnny in the opening scene proudly leading the procession at the beginning of the school year I look at his socks and marvel that they were knit in Co. Sligo .  I am filled with pride for Robert, my neighbour in Cloonacool, the tiny village at the foot of the Ox Mountains, and his family, and when the credits roll and I read Bagpiper - Johnny Bradley, written there in the list which includes Robin Williams, I am overjoyed.  I have seen the film over and over and each time  I feel elated to see the Bradley name there among the greats in this outstanding film  which has now become a classic.


Johnny has retained his love of music and has now become a teacher of the bagpipes.




The following is a comprehensive list of results from the recent very successful Féile Cheoil held in Millstreet Community School:


Competition 1   Feadóg Stáin

U8   Confined

1st Tadhg O’Sullivan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Denis O’Donoghue,  Rathcoole

3rd Hayley Whitby, Carriganima

U8  Open

1st Aisling O’Brien, Banteer

2nd Meadhbh O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Killavullen

3rd Eddie Joe Ryan, Blarney

U10  Confined

1st Kelly Whitby, Carriganima

2nd Siobhan Buckley, Rathcoole

3rd Conor O’Donoghue, Rathcoole

U10  Open

1st Mark Ó Siochain, Ballygown

2nd Maeve Ryan, Blarney

3rd Siobhán Buckley, Rathcoole

U13  Confined

1st Jayme Linehan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Miriam O’Sullivan, Sráid Á Mhuilinn

3rd Sorcha Ni Mhurchú, Dromagh

U13  Open

1st Shane Keating, Midleton

2nd Aisling O’Connell, Blarney

3rd Siobhán Ní Mhuireacháin, Macroom

U16  Confined

1st Phyllis Buckley, Millstreet

U16 Open

1st Mairéad Corridan, Knocknagoshel

2nd Rachel Lenard, Banteer

Mairéad O’Brien, Boherbue

Competition 2  Button & Piano Accordian

U8  Open

1st Conchubhair Ó Luasa, Cúil Aodha

U10  Confined

1st Donal Ó Luineacháin Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Siobhan Buckley, Rathcoole

U10  Open

1st Meave Ryan, Blarney

2nd Joseph Keating Rockchapel

U13  Confined

1st Conor Dineen, Ballydaly

2nd Miriam O’Sullivan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

3rd Brian Kellher, Cuilinn Uí Chaoimh

U13  Open

1st Mairéad Ní Luasa, Cúil Aodha

2nd David Keating, Rockchapel

3rd Miriam O’Sullivan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U16  Confined

1st Louise Hickey, Knocknagree

2nd Aileen Punch, Boherbue

Under 16 Open

1st Michelle Curtin, Newtownshandrum

1st Mairead Corridon, Knocknagoshel


1st Aidan Casey, Milford

Competition 3  Fiddle


1st Meadhbh O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Killavullen

     Murt Sheehan, Killavullen

U10-13  Confined

1st Deirdre Drew, Boherbue

     Mairéad O’Connor, Kiskeam

     Denis Joe O’Callaghan, Rockchapel

      Kierian O’Connor, Knocknagree

U10-13 Open

1st Aisling O’Connell, Blarney

U13-16 Open

1st Fiona Ryan, Blarney

2nd Elmaire  O’Dwyer, Freemount

3rd Eabha O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Killavullen

Competition 4

U8 Open

1st Meadhbh O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Killavullen

U10 Confined

1st Caroline O’Connor, Sraid A Mhuilinn

U10 Open

1st Joseph Keating, Rockchapel

1st Anthoin Ó Mhurchú

U13 Recorder

1st Síle Ní Chéileachair, Aubane

1st Louise Lyons, Sraid A Mhuilinn

U10-13 Confined

1st Aoife Fraser, Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Michael Buckley, Aubane

3rd Seamus Ó’Tuama, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U10-13 Open

Ist Deirdre Drew, Boherbue

2nd Shane Keating, Midleton

3rd Siobhán Ní Mhuireachain, Coolavokig, Macroom

3rd Caitríona Ní Luasa, Cúil Aodha

U13-16 Open

1st Michelle Curtin, Newtownshandrum

2nd Mairéad O’Brien, Boherbue


1st Aidan Casey, Milford

Competition 5  Amhránaíocht I nGaeilge

U6 Confined

1st Aidan Ó’Murchú, Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Kate O’Keeffe, Rathcoole

3rd Siobhán Ní Thóráin, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U8 Confined

1st Shane Dineen, Millstreet

U8 Open

1st Conchubhar Ó’Luasa, Cúil Aodha

2nd Hayley Whitly, Clondrohid

3rd Eddie Joe Ryan, Blarney

U10 Confined

1st Fiona Murphy, Carriganima

U10 Open

1st Maeve Ryan, Blarney

2nd Mark Ó Siocháin, Ballygowen

U10-13 Open

1st Siobhán Ní Mhuireacháin, Macroom (Donal Creed Trophy)

2nd Mairéad Ní Luasa, Cúil Aodha

U13-16 Confined

Ist Phyllis Buckley, Millstreet

U13-16 Open

1st Elmuire O’Dwyer, Freemount

Competition 6  English Ballad

U8 Open

1st Meadhbh O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Killavullen

U8-10 Confined

1st Ciara Guerin, Ballydaly

U8-10 Open

1st Mark Ó Siocháin, Ballygown

U10-13 Confined

1st Séan Ó hEalaithe, Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Andreas Guerin, Ballydaly

3rd Fiona Howard, Rathcoole

U10-13 Open

1st Siobhán Ní Mhuireacháin, Macroom

2nd Andreas Guerin, Ballydaly

3rd Aisling O’Connell, Blarney

U13-16 Confined

1st Phyllis Buckley, Millstreet

U13-16 Open

Elmaire O’Dwyer, Tábhairne Mhic Cárthaigh

U18 Open

Marie Therese Keating, Middleton

Competition  7 Aithnseoiricht I nGaeilge


1st Derry O’Flynn

2nd Mary Ellen Ní Chonchubhair

3rd Patrick Dineen, Sráid A Mhuilinn


1st Michael Healy, Dromagh

2nd Ellen NicAmhlaoibh, Dromagh

3rd Liam O Croinin, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U8-10 Cinfined

1st Caroline O’Connor, Millstreet

2nd Máire Ní Mhurchú, Rath Chúil

3rd Antoin O Murchú, Dromagh

     Nicole Pereira, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U8-10 Open

1st Mark O Siocháin, Ballygown

U10-13 Confined

1st Sorcha  Sinéad Ní Mhurchú, Dromagh

2nd Louise Ní Mhurchú, Sráid  A  Mhuilinn

3rd Louise Ní  Larghin, Sráid A Mhuilinn


1st Gearóid Ó Murchú, Dromagh

Competition 8 Duet


Donal Linehan

Diarmuid Fraser


1st Mairéad Ní Luasa, Cúil Aodha

     Shane Keating

2nd Ciara O’Leary Fitzpatrick

      Laura Jane O’Rahilly

3rd Deirdre Drew  Aisling O’Connell


1st Mairéad & Caitríona Ní Luasa, Cúil Aodha

2nd Fiona Ryan & Aisling O’Connell, Blarney

3rd Deirdre Drew & Denis Drinia

Over 16

Michelle Curtin & Aidan Casey

Competition 9  Trio


1st Mairéad, Caitríona & Muireann Ní Luasa

2nd Miriam O’Sullivan and Group

3rdJayme, Conor & Donal Linehan


Ist Deirdre Drew, Aisling O’Connell, Fiona Ryan

2nd Sinéad O’Sullivan, Karina O’Connor, Louise Hickey

Competition 10 Ceílí Band

1st Banna Cheoil  An Chlochair Sráid A Mhuilinn

2nd Millstreet Céile Band, Millstreet

Adult Céilí

1st Caírde, Milford, Boherbue

2nd Muintir Luasa, Cúil Aodha

Competition 11 Polka & Slide


Joseph Keating, Rockchapel

U10-13 Confined Tinwhistle

1st Miriam O’Sullivan, Sráid   A Mhuilinn

2nd Sorcha & Sineád Ní Chorbhí, Dromagh

U10-13 Confined Bosca Cheoil

Miriam O’Sullivan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

Jayme Linehan, Sráid A Mhuilinn

U10-13 Open

1st Siobhán Ní Mhuimhneacháin

2nd Ciarán O’Leary Fitzpatrick

3rd Aisling O’Connell,Blarney

U13-16 Confined

Conor Dineen, Rathduane

U13-16 Open

1st Fiona Ryan, Blarney

2nd Michelle Ní Chuirtín Chreadhaibh

3rd Sinéad O’Sullivan, Knocknagree


Mike O’Shea, Nadd

Aidan Casey, Milford

Rince Fóirne

2 Hand U11  Newmarket

4 Hand U11  Newmarket

8 Hand U14  Atha Caoire

6 Hand U14  Newmarket

8 Hand U7  Atha Caoire

Set U14

1st Atha Caoire

2nd Millstreet

3rd Newmarket

Set U17

1st Atha Caoire (A)

2nd Millstreet

3rd Atha Caiore (B)

Rince Set


1st Deirdre McAuliffe

2nd Katie Kelleher

3rd Deirdre Meade

     Conor Linehan


1st Gretta Lane

2nd Linda O’Mahony

3rd Liam Curtin







Historic changes at the Square, Millstreet recently as three houses were demolished making way for the new cornered Millstreet Credit Union building.   A small dedicated group of local people were present at the Monument on a recent May morning at 5.20 when the very efficient H&M Construction Team began on the demolition….the complete site had been cleared by 5.20 that evening.  The new foundation was soon in place and the walls are now beginning to appear.   Many memories were evoked by the change of the streetscape of Bridget May Reardon’s Corner Shop, of William O’Leary’s first shop, Jerry Reardon’s supermarket, the Cooper and Buckley families.  In fact, just a few days after the demolition a couple from Australia, Lance and Annemarie (nee Buckley)  Graham arrived in Millstreet.    Annemarie’s relations were members of the same Buckley family of the Square.  We were able to provide them with photographs of the house while Mary Cronin & Bridget King gave them important interesting information.   A receipt for a 1951 radio licence was found during the demolition work and donated to Millsteet Museum as were a number of historic family photrographs.



A wonderful night at the Duhallow Park Hotel on Friday 27th June is assured when a new CD appropriately entitled “Harmony Handed Down” will be officially launched.

Although only fourteen years old,  Annemarie O’Riordan, Rathcoole, Mallow, Co. Cork, a pupil at Millstreet Community School,  has already achieved remarkable success in the musical world of traditional ballad singing.

This superb compilation of sixteen ballads illustrates the wide range of Annemarie’s wonderful singing talent.   Her splendidly effortless style and treatment of enthusiastically lively and atmospherically reflective ballads is both truly unique and exquisitely appealing.

This excellent “Harmony Handed Down” CD which both presents and preserves a number of rarely heard and treasured songs of the past graciously handed down to the present generation and a CD which also includes many very popular ballads, was expertly recorded at Michael Fitzgerald’s state-of-the-art studio in Ballydesmond, Co. Cork.   The magnificent musical accompaniment, using multi-track techniques,  is performed by the enormously gifted Leo Fitzgerald.  

Annemarie has appeared on national television (RTÉ’s “Starstream”), has been heard on numerous Radio Stations, has accumulated hundreds of awards at various Feiseanna, Féiltí Cheoil and CCÉ Munster events.  She has received numerous encouraging and uplifting reviews in the printed media.  She has appeared with many well-known singers such as Seán Keane.     Her marvellous contribution to her local Dromtariffe Church Choir is deeply appreciated.  Her beautiful voice has been heard at many an enjoyable Wedding both at the Church Ceremony and Reception.

Annemarie’s musical influences include “Erin’s Fury”, Dolores Keane and Eleanor Shanley.   It is the hope of many that in the not-too-distant future, especially when this first CD has been heard nationally and internationally, the name Annemarie O’Riordan will soon become a household name.    A delightful and enchanting voice becoming universally popular….the outstandingly unique voice of Annemarie O’Riordan.

When Annemarie’s new CD is launched at the Duhallow Park Hotel on Friday, 27th she will be joined by a host of other talented singers and  musical groups.   See poster for full details.



Banteer, Millstreet, Rathmore and Killarney Railway Stations are all 150 years old in this year of 2003.    To mark the historic event a co-ordinating committee has been meeting fortnightly for several months in Killarney to arrange the commemoration.   On 2nd July, a special executive train will leave Mallow at 12.00noon calling at all Stations from Mallow to Killarney for half an hour where a special plaque will be unveiled, Art competition winners will be presented with beautifully inscribed silver salvos and a number of people will speak to honour all those who have been closely associated with the Railway system over the past 150 years.   Joining representatives from each community on the train will be 1993 Eurovision winner, Niamh Kavanagh, Irish Rail officials and railway enthusiasts.

Millstreet Pipe Band will play at Millstreet Station when the train arrived at 13.00 hrs (1.00 p.m.), will then travel in the train and play again at Rathmore Station.  Everyone is welcome to the ceremonies at the various Stations.   

Two special County Sound 103FM radio programmes on the Railway 150 theme have been recorded in Freemount with Jimmy Reidy for transmission on “Round the Fireside” at 9.45 pm  to 11.00 pm on Monday, 30th June and on Monday 14th July at the same time.

There was an enthusiastic response to the associated Art Competitions.    The winners at Millstreet Railway Station were:

Karen Murphy, Clara Road, Millstreet;   Alison Buicke, Station Road, Millstreet and Conor Twomey, The Bridge, Millstreet.

The overall joint first winners of the competition were

Anne Marie Buckley c/o St. Brendan’s N.S., Rathcoole, Mallow, Co. Cork handed into Banteer Railway Station.   Ian O’Shea c/o Scoil Mhuire, BNS, Milltown, Co. Kerry handed in his winning entry to Killarney Station.

Do join us all at Millstreet Station at 1.00pm on Wednesday, 2nd July, 2003 for this truly historic occasion.



We reported on a previous issue of “Clara News” how Michael Cremin, Cork and formerly of Flintfield, Millstreet reached the Base Camp of Mount Everest – a tremendous achievement.  Now also Veronica O’Callaghan, Liscahane, Millstreet has achieved the same goal and has recently arranged to invite the renowned Pat Falvey, Conqueror of Mount Everest in 1995 to present prizes to the young people participating in the Muileann Óg Project.     During his visit Pat presented Millstreet Museum with an autographed copy of the historic Mount Everest brochure and a copy of a 1953 Times newspaper which reported on the first ever conquering of Mt. Everest.     Sportspeople supreme all.



Over the past number of weeks many good people who have contributed greatly to Millstreet life over the years, who have uplifted the lives of many by their friendliness and whom it was a privilege to have known, have gone to their Eternal Reward – Frank O’ Riordan, Dromsicane; Denis Hickey, Aonghleann, Cullen;  Paddy Dillon, Australia & London (who through Maurice Walsh, Ickenham, contributed so much to Millstreet Museum over the years for which we are enormously grateful);  Noreen Scully (nee O’Doherty, Killarney Road, Millstreet), Dublin;  Patricia Phillips, Dublin (wife of the late Vincent of West End, Millstreet);  David O’Riordan, Moll Carthy’s Bridge, Kilcorney;  Mary Cremin, Keale, Millstreet;  Michael Lucey, Clara Road, Millstreet;

Barty Keating, Millstreet; Eileen Murphy, Kippagh;  Andrew (Andy) Barrett, Dromagh;  Kathleen Alexander, Adelaide   Australia (daughter of John & Ester Manley, London);  Sr. Ita O’Connor, Drishane Sisters;  Mansie O’Riordan, Ballincollig (formerly of Priest Cross, Millstreet);  Patrick (Paddy) Fitzgerald, Cullen;   Pádraig Ó Riain, Liscarroll ( on “Seanchas Dúthalla” editorial team for many years);  Julia O’Sullivan, Ferim, Ballydaly;  James (Jimmy) Walsh, Knocknageeha, Cullen.

May they all rest in peace.




We were delighted to welcome the Rosscarbery Historical Society on a recent tour of Millstreet.  The highly prestigious “Form & Fusion” main award held in Green Glens had just been won by Rosscarbery Students while a mountaineer, Michael Murphy, who has close links with the same West Cork area, had just conquered Mt. Everest.

We thank Conchubhar Ó hÉalaithe for an historic 1919 document – a bond relating to the American Commission on Irish Independence.    From Dola O’Byrne, West End - a “North Cork News” from 1990.   From Kevin O’Byrne, Skibbereen – a newspaper cutting from the “Southern Star” referring to the recent retirement of Ballyvourney/Millstreet Chemist, Mary Weir (nee Kelleher).

Our email address is while our telephone number is 029/70844.



While the original Millstreet website will continue as always a new local website designed and developed by Hannelie O’Connor and an enthusiastic team is presently being prepared and within the next few weeks should go online on the Internet under the web address and, if fact, one may observe its current development on line by logging into  .



1.  The Fashion Show presented by Millstreet Community            School in Green Glens (photos of which may be seen on ) was truly  impressive and enthusiastically received.    The national “Form & Fusion” Show also held at Green Glens was a tremendous success.

2.     The two Masses celebrated at Tubrid – the annual May Mass and the Student Mass – were very well attended and blessed with good weather and very few midget flies.

3.     Sunshine also was very much part of this year’s Cloghoula and Ballydaly Sports & Leisure Days.

4.     We extend heartfelt congratulations to the recently ordained Fr. Eugene Kiely, Kiskeam who has many relations in the Millstreet area.   Fr. Eugene who will minister in the Kerry Diocese was formerly the Principal of Kiskeam N.S..

5.     A recent entry in our Museum Visitors’ Book was Joe Mac of the Dixies Showband who also wrote “great memories of “The Star”, Millstreet”.

6.     Sincere congratulations to Hannah Lucey, Station Road, Millstreet who on Tuesday, 17th June 2003 celebrated her 99th Birthday.

7.     John Kelleher, formerly of Kilmeedy, Millstreet and who now resides in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford extended a royal welcome on Friday, 20th June to a full coachload of people from Cloghoula and beyond who were on the Cloghoula N.S. annual school tour to Fota and Co. Waterford.   John is in charge of Ballinacourty Lighthouse near Dungarvan.

It was like the Algarve in Portugal as John & Family provided a truly splendid picnic by the shadow of the magnificent lighthouse.   We hope to include a photo of the wonderful occasion in our next issue of “Clara News”.

8.     In April while attending an auction in Trim, Co. Meath I was delighted to meet John (Jack) Fitzpatrick (formerly of Rathcoole) who now lives in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath.   It was also an occasion to meet with Jack’s sister, Mary Moynihan of Dublin.   Both are loyal readers of “Clara News”.

9.     May Summer 2003 bring many sun-filled days for all and provide happy holidays for many.

10.           Thought for reflection:  “Love reduces friction to a fraction!”


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